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So, it’s a little late without a post today…

I had some stuff in the hopper: something about the Church; earnings and buying power flat for 50 years; something about immigration; blah, blah, blah. Where’s the fun in all that?

Then I remembered something else I’ve been working on, something to make a much easier post for me and smoother Sunday night reading for me. I’m on a quest for a new used suitcase.

Many of you seemed to enjoy my conquest of the Briefcase World, last year.

And, earlier last year, I had mentioned the utter impossibility of finding a new man’s suitcase.

I may have found the solution! I’m thinking hard about this:


Looking at the big one; it is spot on for what my old man used to carry. And that means carry by the handle – lifted up off the ground, no matter the weight. A real, 1970’s, hard-sided, manly Samsonite. No wheels, no straps, no women, no kids, no pets.

This is how they used to do it before the wheels of Bernard D. Sadow (yeah, I know his name, now) came along and the country went to hell:


Two cases, no wheels, and still smiling.

Still investigating but I may have found it. Developing – more to come…

Good evening, all.