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I just saw and read this article: “Frankfurt Becomes First German City Where Natives Are Minority.”

On the surface it’s a scare piece designed to show Muslim immigrants or some other group taking over Christendom. That may be the long-term plan but it’s not quite accurate – yet.

Native Germans have dropped to just below 50% of the population. However, the Turkish immigrants, far and away the most numerous non-European group, comprise only 13% of the total. The majority of the new transplants are from other EU countries. Thus, Frankfurt is still roughly 70% white European. It still looks and feels European, even German.

The globalist scum no doubt want to change that. And the article raises several points about their operations.

Economically, the report shows big disparities between foreigners and Germans, with the income of 49 per cent of people with roots outside Germany falling below the poverty line compared to 23 per cent amongst natives.

In terms of employment rates, 83 per cent of German men and 78 per cent of German women are in work, figures which drop to 73 per cent and 59 per cent amongst men and women with foreign backgrounds, respectively.

The second paragraph is slightly telling but not so much as the first – if you know what to look for. This isn’t about the “refugees” – the globalists don’t want them working. They get welfare from the natives’ taxes so they can concentrate on the jihad and killing the natives who pay them. Thankfully they’re really a small fraction.


Not your father’s Europe. Breitbart / Wiki.

The real story is with the wage disparity between the natives and the newcomers (mostly other Europeans, remember). That’s how the globalist’s free markets work, internationally. Jobs are killed in one area, sending the young and the employable scrabbling wherever they can go to take whatever they can get. It’s either move and work for peanuts or stay at home and starve.

They want to do this with the U.S. too. They’re trying hard. I read somewhere (I’ll credit Vox Day) that if the system is fully implemented in America, 50% of the people under the age of 35 will have to go abroad to find work. And they will work for much less. Debilitating serfdom.

The following is especially telling and alarming:

Weber hailed the rate of single motherhood amongst women of foreign origin, which the report showed was significantly higher than that of native Germans in the city, as “a possible sign that female migrants are emancipating themselves”, and called for more research into the subject.

The more single mothers, the better? Single motherhood is emancipation? From what? Logic, tradition, and civilization itself?

These hellish ghouls want to destroy the various nations and peoples as well as the family unit. They don’t want the world to resemble NYC. They want it their own big plantation – a place where you, me, and the single moms have to turn to either Massa Brussels or Boss Banker for the bare essentials of life.

It’s getting to be time to put these “elites” in their place. Somebody grab a shovel.