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I’m getting around to that survey of American distrust of institutions, to include the televised news. That particular industry is utterly dead and gone. Someone should bury or burn it before the flies start breeding.

They have three kinds of stories now: laughable lies; outrageous lies; and acid-trip crazy lies. It’s all fake news.

The other night I watched Fox for a minute. They were lying about Syria. Something about bombing (based on a lie, built on other lies). At least the legs network still trots out real human beings to support the fantasies – John Bolton, Newt, Nikki Haley, etc. Things are even worse at CNN.

Meet CNN’s new expert on global “refugee” resettlement:


Henson rolls in the soil. Children’s Failed Workshop…


F*cking Elmo… Elmo, the retarded, red menace, cartoon puppet from a well-past-prime children’s show, is now a guest contributor to CNN’s “news.”

Not kidding:

Fake News Network / YouTube.

Someone should have stepped on Elmo when Robert D. Raiford suggested the same in 1998. It’s time to do it do it with the “traditional” news. In little more than a generation we’ve gone from Walter Cronkite to Mr. Noodle’s deranged little neighbor.

It’s a wonder there’s any trust left at all. Turn off the TeeVee and smash it with a hammer.