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The story is entitled “Americans’ Confidence in Institutions Edges Up” but there’s still not much trust. And, I think, what little is there is mostly misplaced. Read the article. Here are my answers to the different trust subjects, my percentages, contrasted with those of the general public, with brief explanation.

Overall trust in “the big” is up only a little. It still lags well behind that from before the financial crisis. It’s even down versus a generation ago:



Perrin and the people (with explanations):

Institution                         People %             Perrin %

Newspapers                               27                                2

Lies, lies, and more lies. They do however cover the comics pretty well. Sometimes they get happy local stories right.

Public schools                             36                                2

A few are decent and provide a real education – exactly 2%. Close them.

Banks                                            32                                  1

Organized theft gangs. Trust them to rob you. Your personal local banker may still be a nice person.

Organized labor                          28                                 33

I’m over here. These clubs do sometimes serve a worthy purpose, representing the little guy against the corrupt, government-connected corporate giants. Sometimes.

U.S. Supreme Court                      40                                  2

“The most important kind of nothing.”

Criminal justice system               27                                  0

There is no “justice” in the American system; acquittals are statistical flukes. No due process. No equal protection. No logic. Frequently, no evidence and no authority.

Congress                                         12                                  -12

How could??! I think I’m on the same page with everyone here – Gallop just overlooked the (negative) for the public.

Television news                            24                                   1

See the papers, above, minus Garfield and Dilbert.

Big business                                   21                                   5

See organized labor, above.

Small business                              70                                    85

The actual drivers of both national employment and business civility. Try hard to support Mom and Pop when you can.

Police                                              57                                    14

My 20% is a composite breakdown: Feds: 0; State: 10; Local cops: 33. This is based on my interactions with the same.

Church or organized religion    41                                    55

Another breakdown based on the “or”: God’s ordained, universal, eternal, and infallible Church: 100%; man’s rapidly declining “Organized” religious attempt at the same: 10 (when and if I can find it).

Military                                          72                                     0

America long ago won its last war. The new military can’t even defend its own HQ (see the morning of 9/11/2001), can’t win easy wars against primitives, costs waaaaay too much, does not protect your freedom, the English language, or anything else other than certain corporate profits. A politically correct, make-work, welfare jobs program and worse than useless.

Medical system                             37                                     2

A complete joke of pitiful quackery and profiteering. Don’t get sick.

Presidency                                     32                                     2

The chosen lesser loser of the Great Quadrennial Black Mass. At least gives sometimes rhetorically stirring, if pointless, speeches. Cool plane.

News on the internet                   16                                     50

It’s a 50/50 proposition. Half is factual. Half is click bait and BS. Choose wisely. You did: you’re here…


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