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A blank-faced “Canadian” man shouted some variant of “Aloha Snackbar” as he stabbed a police officer in the neck. The incident took place today at the Flint International Airport.

A Canadian man yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ repeatedly stabbed the officer including in the neck at the airport on Wednesday morning, witnesses told NBC News.

The saying means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and is often shouted by Islamic terrorists before attacks or suicide bombings.

The police officer involved in the incident has been identified as Lieutenant Jeff Neville, who is retired from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Robert Pickell told WJRT that Neville was an ‘amazing deputy’. He has reportedly worked as an officer at the airport since 2001.

Neville was at his post at the top of a set of escalators at the airport Wednesday morning when he was attacked from behind with a knife similar to a Bowie knife, WJRT reports.

This stabbing, like so many others, was a display of love and peace and of the great value of tolerance and diversity. We are all a little better, a little safer because of it.

Local Muslim leaders, SJW activists, and slithering politicians expressed outrage; they fear backlash against knife-wielding terrorists, international welfare “refugee” programs, and yummy halal eateries in the future. They think the reprisal may start after the next terror attack, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

The terrorist was detained instead of shot dead. Word is he plans to run a conversion seminar for other inmates while in prison. We do not, yet, know his identity other than his purported nationality. Rest assured the police, either in Michigan, with the Feds, or in Canada or somewhere else, know him. ALWAYS.


All flights experienced a temporary diversity delay. AP / Daily Mail.

Coming to a town near you. Soon.