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Yesterday the voters of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District did all Americans a favor we will find difficult to repay. They elected Republican Karen Handel to replace the Trump-picked Tom Price.

The election, featuring Handel and some kid who doesn’t even live in the district, was said to be the most expensive of its kind in history. The money was well spent.


Carlos Slim’s Blog.

The success of the GOP, yesterday, gives President Trump a mandate – something he’s lacked since being elected himself back in November. It also proves that Democrats have recovered from their losses and are on-board with the GOP agenda to fix everything. Great news.

Now that Handel is ready to join Congress, the Republican party finally has a majority, both in the House and the Senate, something they’ve lacked until now. The election also gives them the White House, control of Judicial appointments, and control of most State Houses – something they have never had before.

We can now, immediately, expect the following:

Tax cuts (big and today);

Healthcare reform (probably by Friday);

The wall;

The end of illegal immigration, crime, and terrorism;

The defeat of ISIS;

A chicken in every pot;

Lasting peace with Russia;

Sound currency and permanent economic stability; and

Peace and happiness forever.

Now comes a new era of American pride and excellence. This will go down as the best strategic move in U.S. political history, practical, partisan, and theoretical. And, most importantly, it proves the value of voting and that every vote really does count. Let the good times roll.

Go ahead and hold your breath.