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Developing story… This incident looks to be very similar to the others.


There are, however, certain abnormalities with the narrative. The attack took place in front of a Mosque as worshipers were exiting services. And the initial reports are that the subject van was driven by a “clean-shaven white man,” who has been arrested. Of course, these initial reports frequently change.

There are a number of white men who are Muslims. Or, this could be a George Zimmerman-style white man. Or it could be an angry Brit with a Breivik-esque vendetta. The ISIS boys are none to fond of being taken alive and they usually exit the vehicle to start shooting or stabbing. No word on the usual “Allahu Akbar!”

If this is not a rinse and repeat, and is a reprisal, then Vox put it best:

Looks like reprisal. “Images on Twitter appeared to show a clean-shaven white man with black hair being detained by police officers behind a van.”

The media will be so happy. Only 16 years after 9/11, they finally have their long-awaited backlash.

We’ll find out soon enough.

Jon, you got anything across the pond???