I’m not really sure what this is worth. I have tried to watch but haven’t made it through. Kinda like watching a movie after having read the book. Here’s the whole interview, as narrated by AJ and Mike Cernovich:

Info Wars.

I think everyone knew or should have known how this would go. AJ was very clever to record the event and play gotcha with the gotcha artists themselves. Not sure this changes anyone’s thinking about anything.

Politico has some transcripts,etc. HERE.

I’ve been a fan of Jones for a long time. A few years back I was tentatively supposed to be on his show with a story about government corruption of something… That didn’t work out. Anyway, I also like Megyn; this may (likely does) have something to do with her looks more than reporting.


Cerno is at Info Wars now, btw. Megyn still has the leg factor.

Make of this, all of it,what you will. Or not. Your call.