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I just accepted a request to run a guest post (maybe more than one), here at perrinlovett.me. The intrepid requester is a young (I presume) lady who has a pretty interesting portfolio. Why she wants to run on the Benny Hill Show of the interwebs is beyond me. It should be fun regardless. Developing…

I don’t have much of a history with guest posting, zero actually. I only ever sought out two guests and they fizzled. That was around 2014. I talked to two other men about it and they ended up starting their own blogs. Then, I’ve had a few I turned down. New territory here and now.

However, in responding to the young lady, I had to try to articulate some guidelines about the site. Like Batman I have a code I go by. But it’s not written down and, unlike Bats, I feel free to break it at will. This became an interesting paradox for me. I felt like I was on the hot seat for some reason. Now I’m thinking about the evolution from 2012 until now. It’s something I think I’ll study a little.

Okay, I ramble – which has always been rule number one.

Just keep your eyes open.

One thing I admitted to her, that I’ve hinted around with you, and which should be obvious from the day-to-day content, is that terrorism posts have become all too common here. I don’t make the stories up and they fit with my theme of continuing Western civilization.

I fear another one is right around the corner. That, in a minute…