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So, it’s not just the people of the U.S. Research finds that about one-third the world’s people are heavyweights.

Around 2.2 billion people – 30 per cent of the total global population – were found to be too fat.

The majority of these were ill as a result.

Levels of obesity have doubled in more than 70 countries since the 80s, according to the major study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the UK, a quarter of adults are obese – with a body mass index (BMI) over 30.

It compares to just one in 35 in the 70s.

And one million British kids are also dangerously fat, around eight per cent.

Millions are dying nowadays due to completely preventable causes.


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This bodes well for an author prepping a fitness and health book. Hopefully all 2 Billion have access to Amazon and $12.99.

Otherwise hope fades quickly. The article concludes, as most mainstream publications must, with a pleas for urgent government action. Why? Why? Why? Does it really take a government program to stop a cheeseburger? I don’t recall that from my personal story.

Anyway, governments and health management don’t really go together well, at least not in the U.S. The GOP just announced it was losing the war to reform ObamaCare – apparently to itself. Typical.

If you need to shed a few lbs. – and if you’re an American, you do – don’t wait on some nonexistent federal assistance that will never come. Do it yourself.