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This was SOP in the Soviet Union and anywhere communists come to power. While the people of Venezuela starve and eat their pets the well do to and the politically connected dine on lobster and fly private. The people begin to notice.

CARACAS, June 2 (Reuters) – One is shown blowing a kiss from a private jet. Another is seen posing in front of a store of luxury jeweler Cartier in China. Others grin as they tuck into a plate of lobster or a massive birthday cake.

Venezuelan activists are increasingly posting details of locations and lifestyles of leftist officials and their families, depicting them as thriving off corruption while the population struggles to eat in a devastating economic crisis.

The social media blitzes, targeting officials and their business partners, relatives and even lovers, are another weapon in a wave of huge protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s government that began in April. Protesters are seeking early presidential elections, freedom for jailed activists, and humanitarian aid to alleviate chronic food and medicine shortages.

One Twitter account published photos purportedly showing the wife of Vice President Tareck El Aissami enjoying champagne and lounging on a pristine beach with her sisters. In another case, an alleged lover of a powerful Socialist Party official is shown on trips to the Middle East.

It is always like this. “Let them eat rats…” It’s another double standard. You pay for it. Then you pay for it again. Then you eat Fido.


Caracas slum hot dog. Daily Ritual.