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Details are scarce at this point; it seems the police received some sort of tip or other evidence. A “concrete” threat shut down the concert in Huerburg. A successful evacuation, even if due to a false alarm, is better than what happened in Manchester.

A MUSIC festival in Germany has been evacuated after cops warned of a “terrorist threat”.

Organisers asked all attendees to leave the Rock am Ring festival in Nuerburg, Germany, following what they say was a security warning by police.

Koblenz police said they had received information of a “concrete threat” against the event.

In a statement, cops said they were in possession of “concrete elements, in the light of which a possible terrorist threat cannot be ruled out”.

It added: “As safety is the key priority and any danger to festivalgoers has to be avoided as much as possible, a decision has been taken to suspend the festival for today.”

A statement on the event’s official Facebook page asked revellers to remain calm and vacate the site in an orderly fashion.

The statement said: “Due to a terrorist threat the police have advised us to interrupt the festival.

“We ask all festival visitors to leave the festival site in a calm and controlled manner towards the exits and camping grounds.

“We have to support the police investigations.

Of course, it would be best if Germany was still for Germans, eh Herr Merkel? The “skinheads” in your army are not behind this; you know who is – likely to the man (or Imam).


Show’s over – for the concert and possibly for Deutschland, The Sun / EPA.

Frau Merkel, das ist es, was du bekommst, damit Millionen von wütenden, heftigen Primitiven in dein Land eindringen kannst. Bitte resigniere dich, du hag.