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Maybe “polite” isn’t the right word. A non-violent protest – that works better. Vocativ, where they scour the “deep web” with a slight SJW bent, inadvertently made the argument for more guns in civil society (maybe even uncivil too).

Their’s was a story about armed Nazis overrunning a Kentucky town. The reason for the invasion was a little less than clear. The main foci were: there were Nazis; the Nazis were armed; SJWs counter protested; some of the SJWs were also armed. A better title would have been: “Armed Nazis and Armed Communists Share Words in Kentucky”. I suppose a guy based in NYC and Tel Aviv can be forgiven in that regard.

The liberal press always gives the communists a pass. Everyone else is a Nazi. In this case, they were observing actual Nazis – rare. And the rarities were openly armed. They noted that the usual “punch the Nazi” and “100 Nazi scalps” stuff didn’t happen. You don’t punch or scalp people toting AR-15s.

Really there were three armed parties present: the Nazis (real, this time); the communists, and; a legion of police. In this instance I don’t think the cops were necessary to keep the other sides apart. The guns did that. All those weapons and no one was shot or otherwise injured.

Kentucky has rather decent (lax) gun laws – open carry with few strings, etc. Contrast this incident to others from heavily gun-controlled districts. In California and in D.C., where private guns are “bad”, violence and destruction are the norm.

Add an assault rifle or two and suddenly people find a little respect, even if they’re not that respectable. Funny.


Even with the Swastika tattoo, not too sure about which side this is … not sure about much of anything here… Nick Wagner / Vocativ.

Newsflash for the thugs, criminals, terrorists, and other trash of Amerika: a lot more ordinary, non-tattooed, non-chatting, and better washed people are packing heat than you might think (if you thought). They’re there. They’re concealed. They’re polite. But their patience is beginning to wear thin. Keep it polite if you can; don’t push the envelope much further. Please.