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It seems the London attacker, Khalid (the tan “Asian” knife salesman) Masood, may not have been a lone wolf after all. In fact, he may have been acting under specific orders from ISIS.

ISIS fanatics used the secretive messaging site Telegram to call for a “lone wolf” attack on Parliament just weeks before Khalid Masood struck.

A Sunday Mirror probe has uncovered chilling messages in which jihadi masterminds urged terrorists to mount atrocities in the UK.

They shared an image of an IS fighter dressed like executioner Jihadi John, wielding a sword in front of Big Ben.

The illustration – headlined Fight Them – showed a fireball and a tattered Union Flag flying from a pole.

And some social media outlets are being defensive about revealing terror activity on their networks. After all, the Jihadis need their privacy and all. This as Facebook and Twitter are in a virtual SJW war against normies everywhere.


This cat gets more “Asian” by the day. Telegraph.

The same idiots that double standard social media also run many governments, cities, and schools, in Europe and America. As they host secret messaging for terrorists, they also place adult “refugees” and known criminals in your child’s classroom. In London, some people were run down and stabbed; in Maryland a girl was raped. The SJWs can’t see what all the fuss is about. The diversity of it all…

We, the sane, need to take a hard look at that ISIS slogan: Fight Them. All of them and everywhere.