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I was going to write a quickie about the deafening silence from “moderate” Muslims in the UK and elsewhere after today’s terror attack at Parliament. Then I thought better and consulted Google. Sure enough, I found condemnation:

The Muslim Council of Britain has condemned the terror attack which struck the heart of London.

Religious leaders said it was too early to speculate on the attackers’ motives but offered “thoughts and prayers” to the victims.

A police officer and a knife-wielding terrorist were among four people killed in the attack on Wednesday.

Thank you, MCoB, for the sentiment. The statement is veiled but, hey, it’s the thoughts and prayers that count, right?

It’s not too early to speculate about anything. The second I heard about the attack, I thought, “terrorism”. Confirmed. I got the car and knife details and thought, “ISIS”. Confirmed. The motives are known to any but the mentally deficient: hatred of whites and Christians and a desire to see a Caliphate in Europe. (Yes, yes, with a tinge of revenge for Washington’s wars … yes). Truth be known, the Jihadis like the wars as it gives them cover to move in and prosecute their agenda.

Maybe it’s time for more than “thoughts and prayers”. Could it be time for actions? Actions – like gathering up the alien flock and getting the hell out of the West. Better now while there’s relative peace and time to do so. The civilized set, especially the British, takes a good kicking around better than most. But, then all of a sudden, they’ll snap. Tours 2.0 or worse. Do yourselves a favor – get out!

And, another thing. I’m a little miffed by the following picture of Jihad-Joe (the “Asian” man…), deceased on a gurney:


Why the resuscitation attempts? They should have still been adding more bullets at that point. Don’t tell me they ran out of bullets!

*Jon, if you guys need more ammo, let us know. Happy to send more. You’re going to need it.