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James, as usual, has some excellent points, ideas, and examples. He talks about getting out that best seller.

I’ve self-published many of my books, including my three best-selling books: “Choose Yourself“; “Reinvent Yourself“, and the “Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth“.

One person once wrote me, “Do you only self-publish because no publisher wants your books.”

I didn’t write back. He was mean! But I’ll answer here: No.

Maybe back in 2011 I didn’t want to go through the process (AGAIN) of begging a publisher to publish my 7th or 8th book.

I love self-publishing. I will tell you why. I hope you do it as well.

Why do I hope you do it? I don’t really know. Maybe you feel you need “permission” from editors, agents, peers, publishers, marketers, bookstores.

Maybe this is a love letter to my dear friend: you don’t need permission. You are special and worthy of love without it.

I’m going to list the reasons why I like to self-publish, how to get started on writing, and whether or not there is any negatives.

James’s encouragement and insight led me to the world of publishing after a decade or indecisiveness and procrastination. His ideas also reinvigorated this blog. (So, blame him…)

Speaking of blogging, etc. – does anyone of you have any experience with Patreon? I’m thinking about launching a page there. Any ideas? Comment here, FB, or email me. (And I’m looking for actual experience; if you have to Google the term, you know less than I do). Thanks!