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Ivan, an expert’s expert, gives excellent pointers:

Practical dojo selection reminders for the common man.

Once the correct nature of the Way is understood, the inherent profit of strength and fitness are valued, and the foundations of sacred purpose and meaning are entrenched – how does one select a dojo or choose a martial tradition to study and absorb, practice and perhaps ultimately master?

This is often something that those who are young in experience needlessly obsess over.

Should you select a Japanese, Chinese or Korean tradition? Is hard or soft kung fu better? Is one ryū -ha more officially authentic? Which teacher is the “real” teacher of any particular method?

Return to the basics. Recall your purpose, remember what you face in the dark world.

You do not face arts or traditions.

You face men.

Thus it is men you must train to accommodate or overthrow, to avoid or smash, as dictated by the circumstances and environment and in accordance with your purpose.

So much of the training does and does not really matter. Much of what is offered out there, today, is utterly useless. Still, even with the good stuff, one has to find the right balance and what meets individual expectations.



Read any account from any crime or terror attack – like that in London earlier today – the survivors (almost to a man or woman) will explain they had no idea what to do. That’s the majority herd way. Break away from it as fast as possible. Ivan has some great suggestions.