Watch your back. You never know when a good cigar might sneak up on you.

A good while back I was in the cigar shop, pecking away about ISIS or Christmas Ties or something, when someone (Tom, maybe) advised me to “check my six”. I looked back – into the humidor. Then I gave him a puzzled look. He laughingly said something about a cigar. Dense me did not get it. Then.

Now I do.

Behold the Camacho “Check Six” Habana Toro!



What a fantastic smoke!

She’s a Honduran of multi-national origin. The filler is from Honduras, the D.R., and Nica. Nica’s finest binds it up. And it is wrapped in a luxurious brown leaf from Ecuador. A veritable world tour.

The pros say it’s a ‘medium to full” body. I settle firmly on “medium”. But the flavor – lightly peppered and engaging (in a subtle way) – , the smoke, the construction, draw, and everything else is spot-on perfect.

In fact, I think this may be the best Camacho I’ve had since the looong gone Coyolar Titan Corojo. Remember that monster? It’s been a year or ten ago. And the Check Six really couldn’t be more different from the Titan of old. The Big T was a dark Corojo and extra full-bodied.

The Six is as smooth as the Titan was strong. And, darn it was strong. My palate has tempered quite a bit but, back then, it was all I could do to finish one. There was that drive to Athens, the summer of 2006 … Maybe we’ll do that one another time.

Anyway, try a Six the first chance you get. And remember –