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This here is Post 1,000! Literally one thousand great reasons to visit perrinlovett.me.

Welcome back. It’s been nearly five years since I cranked out this little post. I quickly followed it up with a report on the Supreme Court’s idiotic decision on Obamacare. Almost 1,000 posts later, this week, I wrote about the pending demise of that failed law and program. Yes, I like to think I had something to do with that.

Over the years (years now) I’ve also written about:

  • Law
  • Government Evil
  • Guns
  • Religion
  • Schools
  • Cigars
  • Western Civilization
  • Christmas Ties
  • Immigration
  • Society
  • The Rich and Famous
  • Movies
  • Fitness
  • Economics
  • And 100 other things.



As always, there is more and better to come, here. And soon, too. Mark your calendar for June and the site’s fifth anniversary special.

For a thousand posts I give you a million thanks!

Standby! Post 1,001 is right around the corner.