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Both are probably right. The difference is a matter both of timing and of probability.

Gerald Celente sees a Trump-based boom right now and into next year.

TREND FORECAST: The trend is your friend. Approve or disapprove of his choices, Trump has picked a corporate cabinet of top-notch business leaders. Unlike politicians, Trump will run the White House like he runs his businesses. It’s about the bottom line. Therefore, we forecast a strong dollar and steady economic growth. For US exporters, however, the strong dollar will dampen profits.

Celente is likely correct. Bob Moriarty takes a long-term view. And it is not as rosy as Celente’s.

Americans want to believe that coups or revolutions and the threat of constant violence is something that only happens in other countries but all the signs are there that say we are due to a revolution soon or at least a coup. I wrote a book in November of last year I called The Art of Peace about my reflections on being at war and what comes our way soon. This is part of how I summed it up on the very last page,

The banking system is collapsing. I don’t mean to say it’s going to collapse, it’s collapsing as I write. Only few recognize it today but when the system grinds to a halt after the banks steal all the deposits of their customers, the world will get it. We may well have our first worldwide revolution as a result. We have already seen just how thrilled the populations were when the banks closed in Argentina, Greece, Italy and Spain. The popularity of Trump and Sanders is a monument to just how pissed Americans are at their government, with recent polls showing 81 per cent of those polled were unhappy with the Federal government. When the banks close, the 99 per cent are going to be some kind of pissed.

How close is the US to revolution? Pretty damned close.

Moriarty is likely correct as well.

Not as rosy but probably more realistic. Celente is talking about riding the wave while it lasts. He’s the one who coined the term “banksters”. And the banksters have been in the process of grabbing everything that’s left of value before the collapse. That explains, partly, the swings in the market over the past year or two and the current surges. This may continue for a short while longer. If you can also benefit, then great.

If Trump is moderately successful in making America great again, then the process may drag on, much the same as it has been lately, for years. If he is wildly successful, then things may actually improve in concrete terms. Again, time will tell but the odds are against us.

Make the most of the best if and while you can. Prepare for the worst if and while you can.