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Get out!

What goes around, comes around. Last night I was reminded of a story which appeared immediately after the election. It was one of the 1,000 fake sob and panic stories posted on Farcebook about (fill in the blank) otherkin being assaulted by straight, white, male, Americans – Nazis wearing red MAGA hats, all of them. I found it again courtesy of the Arab “American” News:


Boo hoo. Poor Yasmin: “These people don’t see me as an American”.

We don’t see her as an American because she is not an American. She should leave the U.S. immediately. Well, as soon as she gets out of jail.

Turns out Yasmin lied and was accordingly arrested. Surprise.

The Arab “American” News has yet to correct or retract their story. Surprise, again. They should get out too.

Where should they all go? “Hell” is the only answer I can come up with off the cuff. Anywhere but here or Europe or other Western locales. The West has too much of this trash floating around.

In London, last night, more than 1,000 Muslim invaders gathered in the streets and called for a world-wide Caliphate. The terrorists openly flew a Taliban flag while shouting hateful messages against white Christians and blocking traffic. Again, the suggestion of Hell comes to mind, as both a good place for these people and for their Caliphate.

Have the British (originators of the Maxim gun) no working machine guns these days?

They do, of course, as do all Western peoples. The invaders should take a hint from the success of Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, etc. and leave while there’s time.

They’re not Americans. They’re not British. They offer nothing but violence, deception, and lies. They must go. Now.