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Gun control does not equal crime control. Usually it makes things worse. Fred gets it.He gets a lot of things and generally in hilarious fashion. His take on international gun control failures:

The two most heavily armed countries in the world are (still, I think) Israel and Switzerland. In Switzerland, men of military age are (still, I think) required to keep an assault rifle and ammunition in their homes, and Israelis are similarly armed because, having enemies on their borders, they need to be able to mobilize rapidly.

In both countries murders by armed citizens are essentially nonexistent. By contrast, Mexico has strict gun control. Does anyone get shot in Mexico?

Yes, actually. Some 164,000 thousand shot dead between 2007 and 2014 (Figures vary. The foregoing are typical.) Pretty effective, gun control is.

Why do murders occur so exuberantly in a country with gun control? Because making guns illegal doesn’t make guns go away. In Mexico gun control means that criminals can have, and assuredly do have, high-powered military weapons, usually AKs–cuernos de chiva. Thus a dozen narcos can enter a large town and terrorize it. If a hundred men in the town had AR-15s, the dozen narcos would enter the town in pickups and forthwith leave in boxes. Gun control leaves the town disarmed and helpless.

Always remember that the goal of the gun grabbers is to render you helpless, defenseless. They want you a victim to their various criminal constituencies.


Average, oridinary Swiss Misses. The Truth About Guns.

Interestingly, and partly based on the above, the only real violent crime problems in Switzerland and Israel come from radical Islamic terrorists. They’re all around the Israelis and they’re pouring into Switzerland (though slower than in surrounding countries). The exact same people who would disarm you are the very people pushing the terrorist invasion. Funny, that.

Arm up!