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This election has dragged on forever. I personally thank God it will be over tomorrow. Word is the 2020 campaign starts in January.

For now it appears that millions of snowflakes are at risk for reality overload syndrome of ROS. Universities are now moving to alleviate some of the anxiety the wuttle kids are experiencing:

Universities across the nation are striving to help students cope with the stress of Election Day, such as offering tips on managing anxieties and events to help absorb election results.

Take Virginia Commonwealth University, which posted a six-point guide on how to “cope with election stress.”

The advice includes suggesting students: “unplug,” to stay informed but not constantly scroll their newsfeed; “be present … give yourself permission to feel vcuthe way you do”; “find a healthy escape,” such as exercise, journaling or meditating; “connect,” to hang with allies and friends, but “limit conversation that has potential to get heated”; “refuel” by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest; and finally “do something” through volunteering and advocacy.



Of course, as is from the safe spaces, students are predictably endorsing Hillary Clinton.

That said, Clinton’s resume is not flawless. Her choice as Secretary of State to use a private server for emails is alarming. Like her critics, we question how someone with her experience, education and intelligence could fail to understand the security risks of conducting affairs of state on a private server. We do not understand how she justified sending classified documents through a system vulnerable to hacking. However, we feel confident that, after all of the justified and public criticism she has received, that Clinton would be more careful about handling classified materials as president.

We, like so many, were offended by the rude comments exchanged between Clinton staffers in reference to Catholics, ‘needy’ Latinos and Southerners. This side of the campaign did not fit the public image that Clinton has projected and caused us to question her promises, just as you may have. But, these were not her words. This alter ego was not hers, but those of campaign staffers, speaking thoughtlessly and in private. Emails written by Hillary reveal the truth of the woman we know and admire.

Sounds like their complicit with racism to me. ISIS connections, war, pay for play, money laundering, sex rings, pedo pizza, and Satanism be damned (literally). The world needs a woman. This woman. Now.

They’re also pushing the month of the vegan. Vegan in the safe space. I wonder if Besto has a vegan pedo pizza? No matter.

One prays these poor kids can old it together through midnight. I hope you make it. I have another funny, true story from the old days coming a little later. You can ease your election anxiety with a laugh. Stay tuned.