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A sub-chapter of one of the most sordid, lawless, murderous eras in American history ended today with the death of former Attorney General Janet Reno. Many younger people may not have ever heard of her before. Others might remember her from a stupid SNL skit. The reality is anything but funny.


I suppose it is wrong being tempted to gloat in someone else’s demise. So I won’t. I sincerely hope this woman found peace and redemption at the end. She certainly did not know those things in life. She never shirked gloating over misery nor inflicting it.

She gave us this:



And this:



So very concerned about children. After these raids, near deadly and very deadly, she is best known for refusing to cooperate with Congress (to obey the law) and her dealing with child abuse and child support cases in Florida.

While State Attorney in Miami she made headlines with her tyrannical prosecution of support cases. That brand of heavy-handed, one-sided injustice lives on in a system bereft of any process or fairness for the majority of men caught in it. Her abuse cases were equally ignoble. Those prosecutions essentially dispensed with the rule of law. The result was: innocent people convicted for crimes they did not commit; wrongful convictions overturned amid multiple scandals, and; real cases weakened and real victims hurt by utterly ineffective “justice”.

Quiet the legacy. It ended today. Not that that brings closure to many of her victims. May they rest in peace, those that went on before.