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For what it’s worth, tonight you can use Politico’s Election Results tracking tools.


They break the count down by state and by county in addition to the electoral totals.

They also cover:




Ballot Measures


The Ballot Measures are interesting to watch as they are, mostly, barometers of how the voting public view various freedoms. MJ is on the ballot in numerous states as is the right to work, the right to hunt, school initiatives, and other matters.

Another curiosity is the wide gap between party choices in different states. Most states offer: Dems, Repub, Libertarians, and Greens. Georgia and a few other backwards states only offer the first three. Some have an array of choices. I think the record is something close to 20.

Polls begin to close at 6 PM EST, cascading from East to West. The last polls in the Pacific region close around 11. During this time the counts will begin. Grab some popcorn or a hammer or something. In keeping with my September electoral call, I still predict a Trump presidency. Not a Trumpslide, but not that close either.

We’ll know for sure tomorrow barring the return of the hanging chads.

Stay tuned for that totally unrelated fun story a little later this evening.