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I probably should include Dr. Baldwin on my short list. For some reason I forget to check in with him as much as I should. However, when I do, he does not disappoint. Like today:

Should Clinton be elected President, every corrupt, criminal, political mobster in the world would be given access to the White House. Some of Clinton’s most ardent supporters are already making jokes about her association with criminal conduct. For example, Michael Moore recently said that if Hillary murdered Vince Foster (former Deputy White House Counsel under Bill Clinton), it merely means she is a “Bad-A**.” Bill Maher recently said that he didn’t care if Hillary had JonBenét Ramsey (a murdered little girl whose killer has never been found) in her basement. Clinton will fill her administration with people who think like this.

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President is the overt attempt of the world’s most evil elite to put one of their very own in the most powerful political office on earth.

Hillary Clinton is a person without conscience. She is a cold-blooded, ruthless, corrupt international criminal. Hillary Clinton is to America what the Pharisees were to Israel. And I’m afraid that if she is given the White House, the crimes and corruption of this country will finally catch up to this generation, just as surely as the crimes and corruption of the Pharisees finally caught up to that generation.

A Hillary Clinton presidency could literally plunge America and the world into another Dark Ages. No one can be ready for the evil that will come upon the world if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States.


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Of course, this may be a moot issue now. Rumors swirl about the Swamp and Gotham this morning. Wikileaks, Anonymous, and the FBI may be about to move in hard. I have calls out to some LEO and intel sources but have not heard back yet. Could be an interesting weekend.