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First, tonight I finally logged into Gab. Gab is the newer, better, censorship free replacement for Twitter. My joining was indirectly prompted by some traffic here from there. Ivan? Vox? Thank You, whoever. I follow 2 people. I have no followers. I’ve made no posts. Still having a hard time telling my @ from my #. Working on that. You can follow me at @perrinlovett. This guy:


Okay. I read a lot everyday. I’ve mentioned a few of my go-to men before, the people I track on a daily or weekly or somewhat regular basis. Here’s who I consider the best of the web:

James Altucher

Vox Day

Fred Reed

Ivan Throne

Paul Craig Roberts

Patrick J. Buchanan

Eric Peters

There are many more but I called this the “short” list. And, why do I follow this motley crew? They’re awesome. Just click around and see.

Get your Gab on.