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The first news item that caught my attention today was a piece on the declining readability of the internet. It turns out the authors are concerned about font ratios literally making pages unreadable. I though it was about the slowing induced by all the ads. Noticed that? My speed and machines are excellent yet I feel like I’m running in 1998. Maddening.

Then there’s the ridiculous growth of all things social justice on-line. I’ve noticed Facebook has become a non-stop outrage fest. I can’t complain there as I constantly pollute the news feed with stories like this (and thanks for clicking!). SJ is all over the news sites. Everyone is upset about something. Everything is a micro-aggression. Someone, somewhere really needs a good shaming. Like this:

An army of women in yoga pants marched on a man’s house after he was critical of yoga pants. Yoga Pants Matter!

BARRINGTON, R.I. — The saga began Wednesday with a letter to the editor in a local Rhode Island newspaper criticizing women over 20 who wear yoga pants in public. Quickly, it snowballed into a “Yoga Pants Parade” Sunday afternoon with hundreds of people walking past the letter writer’s house — and a few death threats, according to the author, who said he had only intended satire.

“To all yoga pant wearers, I struggle with my own physicality as I age,” wrote Alan Sorrentino, 63, in the letter published by the Barrington Times last week. “I don’t want to struggle with yours.”

The letter, which said adult women wearing yoga pants in public was comparable to men wearing Speedos to the grocery store, went viral. The backlash was immediate, passionate, and international.

It was supposed to be funny, Sorrentino said, because what kind of “tormented, uptight individual” could possibly care enough about yoga pants to write such a letter?

“It was in the face of all this political stuff, with all these really important issues going on, and then there’s this letter about yoga pants,” he said.

A crowd that included young girls and older women met in front of the Hampden Meadows School about 2 p.m., wearing a colorful array of yoga pants — although, as many attendees stated, the event was about more than just yoga pants.

“I don’t get involved in much in the way of protests and marches and all of that, but this just brought me out because the guy’s letter was offensive,” said Ellen Taylor at the parade, who sported a neon yellow shirt with the words “ ‘MATURE OLDER WOMAN’ in yoga pants” written on it.

“It’s OK if you’re 20 and gorgeous to wear yoga pants, but don’t do it if you’re older and lumpy and bumpy?” she asked.

Let me answer that last question: “Yes, 20 and hot is what we’re after with yoga pants.”

There. Have a nice night.

Seriously, it’s a free country (kind of, maybe). Anyone can wear yoga pants in public. Even those who perhaps shouldn’t. It’s a taste thing.

Really, I’m all for girl power or whatever would drive a middle-aged woman to the grocery store in gym clothes. They do beat pajamas. I get it – free country.

I also get free speech. People are supposed to write letters to editors. That free expression thing. Writing a reply would be a good counter move. Assembling a host of marchers and targeting the man’s house was a bit much. I wouldn’t say it had a chilling effect on free speech; maybe more of a sickening effect? The death threats, while not likely very serious, were downright criminal.

Then again, nothing is off the table for the SJW set, spandex-clad or not. Man with bad ideas (no matter how good) MUST be punished.

Yoga pants. Halloween costumes. Comments about the workplace. Comments about the lack of a workplace. No comments. Anything goes – so long as it’s really not that important. I wonder if any of these yoga pants warrior women have ever considered that:

The country is in tatters;

People are killing free speech;

People are killing each other;

We’re $20 Trillion plus in debt;

There are multiple wars raging;

D.C. wants nuclear war with Russia;

Veterans are being robbed by Washington crooks;

There’s (another) rigged election show underway;

The West is being overrun by terrorists;

Football ain’t what it once was.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no. Yoga pants. A march over a letter. ‘Merica. Social Justice.

I’m reading SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day right now. If you’ve ever had a run-in with the PC thought police nuts, you might want to get a copy. I’m still a little fuzzy on what GamerGate was but I do understand they handed it to the SJW crowd. Bravo.

In closing I’d like to make my own personal yoga pants plea. Yoga pants should only be worn by older, lumpy, hefty women. Young, hot, fit, college-age girls should never wear them. Now, sorority girls, if you would like to stage an appropriate protest, we can make arrangements…