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Shaking in their boots.

Hussein Obama is meeting with assorted military yes men and foreign policy hacks today to discuss martial options in Syria. I’m sure the one option not discussed is leaving everything the hell alone and minding our own business.

Ahead of the conclave an anonymous source quoted Hussein:

If it is to be destabilized, we must appropriate. Money … for rebels fighting Aleppo. More refugees and Hillary … and we must show [Putin or Trump(?)] we mean democracy. If you like your quagmire, you can keep your quagmire. Many women were offended. I know that there are extremist Christians who believe guns and God will vote. Nowhere, America. Shanked it right. Affordable generals. Healthcare. Flooding Matthew over Haiti. Vacation.

No-one is yet sure what Dear Leader was saying but it certainly sounded important. Out of an abundance of caution a psychiatrist and a caddy have been summoned to the oval office.

In related news the Pentagon recently published a 72-page field guide for implementing transgender weirdness in the politically correct freak show formerly known as the U.S. Armed Services. The booklet addresses “‘gender dysphoria,’ or ‘the distress that some transgender individuals experience due to a mismatch between their gender and their sex assigned at birth.'”

You can now plainly see why Putin must tremble with fear. I wonder if the poor man can even sleep at night.

I’m not making this up. You can’t make this stuff up anymore. Science fiction cannot compete with the new reality. The Policy Guide.



U.S. Department of Queer Studies and Abject Fantasy.

I say again: this crowd cannot beat the Russians. And they will be fools to try. They’re fools period.