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For a short while now I have pondered sending a friendly letter to President Putin of the Russian Federation. I wish to express my thoughts regarding the state of international affairs (rapidly deteriorating) and the condition of the American Empire (lost but not dead, and still very dangerous).

If you’ve been under a rock or out chasing the Pokemon, know now that, for the first time in a generation, the threat of nuclear war has resurfaced. This is something I haven’t really thought about since the U.S.S.R. dissolved while I was in high school.

When I was younger, Ronald Reagan, perhaps accurately, described the Russians as the “evil empire.” My, but things have changed. The Russians have spent the past generation knocking down barriers, cutting taxes, killing regulations, building businesses, modernizing and living in relative peace. They’ve done all of this while relentlessly defending traditional civilization and stubbornly resisting the hellish forces of the global elite. Their’s is a quest for peace, prosperity and freedom.

The U.S.S.R. is no longer. Thus, it is not a threat. Today the world’s greatest problem is the U.S.S.A. The Empire seeks to extend its control to everyone and everything, everywhere on Earth and even beyond.

The Bush and Obama regimes have made a menace of the U.S. to the whole world. And, as President, Hillary Clinton would do damage untold. She is openly hostile to Russia, one of two countries which can actively combat and defy American policies. She, being bought and paid for, morally debased, and utterly crazed or stupid, would have a war with Russia.

The U.S. has proven unable to conquer small, lightly armed, relatively unorganized bands of tribesmen in Iraq (for 25 years) and Afghanistan (for 15 years). I said only two countries (Russia and China) could actively resist the U.S. There are more which Washington could not totally dominate if push came to shove: the U.K., France, Germany, India, and perhaps others – certainly any with nuclear weapons.

But a war – an all-out (even conventional) war – with Russia is laughably stupid. Insanely stupid. Criminally stupid.

First, the Russians have the ability to incinerate the United States – from coast to burning coast. The fact that we could return the favor to them likely means this will not happen. At least we hope not. What could be worse than Donald Trump’s sexual attraction to women? I think a rain of ICBMs would be considerably worse, on a different scale of bad, in fact.

Second, Russia has a modern military capable of completely defending itself and projecting large-scale assault abroad. Washington cannot easily destroy Syria as it did Libya, Iraq, etc. because of the strong Russian presence there.

Now, incredibly, Washington extends its reach deeper into Yemen – all for the sole benefit of the Saudi criminal royalty. The Saudis oppose certain factions in Yemen out of hostility to Iran. Iran is allied with Russia. Thus the possibility of a broader confrontation.

Further confrontation brews to a boil, right now, in the Ukraine. There is a more likely than not chance of Russian military intervention there before the U.S. election next month. Given the failures of the past 15 years, one cannot reasonably foresee a Washington victory in any of these places against Russia.

And we can’t afford any of this either. We’re broke. Totally bankrupt. The Empire has spent tens of trillions of dollars over the past few decades on wars and banking schemes – money we don’t have for things that did not concern us.

As bad as things might be in Kiev or Damascus, none of it affects us. Or, it wouldn’t if not for the lunatics encamped on the banks of the Potomac. To make it all worse, Hillary and her corrupt friends and masters would have us war with a nation of people with which we, Americans, share so much in common. We should be allies and friends rather than enemies.

The British often refer to Americans as “Russians in pressed pants.” A dimes worth of difference, except when it comes to governance. As we were freer then, so they are now. As Moscow schemed to dominate then, does Washington today. Madness.

I am drafting my letter to Mr. Putin in hopes it will avert catastrophe. It’s sad that I have to do so. When I was a child, learning about the evil empire, Putin was a young KGB agent. Irony. Yet, he seems the only hope now. Not one “leader” in America is worth wasting time with.


Hello, friend.

Others I know have already begun sending similar missives in hopes of avoiding missiles. I really hope Putin understands that the Washington elite in no way reflect the character of decent people in this country. Half the population doesn’t really count anyway. It’s likely that 50% or more don’t even know who Putin is. It’s for the rest of us that I’m planning to write. Those of us who would not be willing slaves to D.C. or anything or anyone else nor hostile to our Christian brothers and sisters.

I’d like to believe Putin already suspects this. I know the people of Russia are beginning to ask why Americans hate them. We don’t. The political crony class might – they hate everyone – but we do not. I may or may not post the letter here.

Tonight’s college felon ball being postponed, I hope these thoughts did not inconvenience anyone.