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The world is an interesting place. It’s so complex and faceted that one could almost be lulled into belief in “reality.”

Divergence of the reality happens daily with our: two-sided single political party; left/right media, and; Democrat/Republican friendships.

The attention of the left/Democrat fact is right now centered on Donald Trump’s (old) comments about lewd women. “He’s a sexual predator,” they say. In addition to his words, they have a NY court case to point out. It is a transfer from CA. The discovery clock is ticking and the deposition of the plaintiff is noteworthy, chiefly because the plaintiff doesn’t exist. No matter. And it doesn’t matter; everyone knows how Trump acts and thinks. And they defended the same things done by their guy, Clinton, in the 90s.

The attention of the right/Republican crowd is now centered on Hillary Clinton’s corruption at State and in her campaign. “Put her in jail,” they say. They also have a large web of connexions (Yes, I went English with the “x”) between Hillary, State, The DNC, the DOJ, etc. None of this matters either. Everyone knows politics and government are corrupted to the point where corruption is the defining characteristic. And they defended the same things done by their guy, Reagan, in the 80s.

There are other things these people could focus on, like:

  • The fact that the U.S. is utterly bankrupt;
  • The U.S. is 100% controlled by a small clique of international criminals;
  • A major invasion of the West is currently underway; and
  • Strong potential for (pointless) war builds with Russia.

But, never let actual reality get in the way of tabloid nonsense.

Whitney sang that, “the children are our future.” They are. So, let us look at the divergent interest in and of the children in the context of the mixed modern reality – from perspectives Russian and American.

The Russians are recalling their university students, abroad, home – immediately, given the possibility of war and the diplomatic failings in and around Syria. They’re also calling home their retirees. I would say war is a rather far-fetched prospect except that there is one right now and both sides are in it. Escalation is what we (the sane) hope to avoid. The student recall has a political/nationalist angle but it does show Moscow is taking this seriously. They are a serious people.

Americans are a foolish people. Our university students, from out the safe spaces, still cry about what Milo is saying on campus. And the crying of late comes from Bama not Berkeley or UMass or Yale. Things aren’t what they used to be in Tuscaloosa. Never mind that nuclear war thing, there’s a dangerous faggot on the loose!


The YouTubes.

Fortunately Saturday will bring another round of felon ball and attentions will further divert. Progress, some say.