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A cursory look around the news tonight followed by a little story with big potential:

BREXIT came too late. The Brits have cracked. Men in London are now paying a £1,000 a year for virtual nagging, saying “it makes things feel normal.” Sad. A once great people.

In America the corruption continues unabated. The same Department of Justice [SIC] that refuses to prosecute Cabinet level corruption and politically connected arms dealers also refuses to enforce certain federal laws, like those concerning immigration. But the same government will prosecute a sheriff who does enforce the law. Justice? Just Us.

The Good News

Comes from the Philippines.

President Duterte is a loose cannon, funny until today. He now moves to impose one of the strictest smoking bans in the world on his people. One can only assume this includes cigar lovers. And, this may portend a complete ban on the leaf in the future.

That’s bad for them but, maybe, good for us. The Philippines gets a smaller allotment of Cubans but they do get them. Real cigars, not the Caribbean American tourist garbage and so many fakes. We should do all we can to prompt Crazy Man into a full ban. That will open up a Cuban market source for us once President Giant Meteor does away with the stupid embargo a little later next year.


Why exclusive to the Frogs!? Maybe, just maybe, here soon. The Cigar Inspector.

Hope and Change? No. Hope and Smokes.

PS: I’m in the heart of The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne right now. It is an excellent work and I may have to do a review of two. I definitely recommend it.