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Donald Trump said made some lewd comments about women in 2005. Or, was it comments about lewd women? He did preface, qualify, if you will, what he said with “if you’re a star, they let you get away with it.” He’s a star and they, the women, do let him and other stars get away with it. Certain women live to hang around celebrities and mine for easy gold. Certain men willingly facilitate.

Trump has lived like this for most of (maybe all of) his adult life. He’s rich, popular, an alpha male’s alpha male, and a playboy. He does it because he can.

Regardless, many are not happy. Some, even within the GOP, have called on Trump to drop out of the race, even at such a late hour. Others run the risk of looking a lot like hypocrites for defending Trump’s declarations (locker-room banter, chaps, nothing more) while previously condemning the same activity when committed by people named Wiener or Clinton.

Speaking of the Clintons, news came the same day that Hillary has made some disturbing comments of her own. Particularly, we have transcripts, once secret, from some of her (expensive) talks with Goldman Sachs executives. Her statements, then, were somewhat qualified as well.

She was Secretary of State from 2009 until 2013. In 2o11, the U.S., the U.K. and a few other countries plotted to get rid of Libya’s Gaddafi. The reasons were two-fold. First, the U.S. needed to arm its creations, ISIS and al-CIA-da, and it needed to do so covertly. Second, Gaddafi had approximately $200 Billion just sitting around; someone needed to grab it.

Backed by the CIA, the U.K. and France escalated the small Libyan civil war, which resulted in Gaddafi’s ouster and murder. Under cover, and approved by the Secretary, arms sales commenced region-wide. They continue now.

Hillary spoke to Goldman in 2013 as part of her part in the 2011 arrangement to round up the $200 Billion – the talks were for a portion of her compensation. There was an illicit transnational agreement to “share” the money. But! Treason! Those greedy Brits swooped in and stole all of it. It went into a “trust fund” – as in, you will never see this money again, TRUST us – in the name of the Libyan people. The Bank of England holds the cash in London and likely will forever.

Goldman was supposed to, allegedly, get some percentage of the money. They didn’t and they sued for recovery in England (where the money is). They will likely receive a $1 – 2 Billion settlement soon. The Brits will keep the lion’s share. Gaddafi is dead. The people of Libya are broke, leaderless, and besieged by terrorists. Turmoil reigns across the Middle East. Hillary is the Democratic nominee for President.

Some, even within the DNC, have called for her to step down, even at this late hour. Others risk looking a lot like hypocrites for defending Clinton (smart woman gettin’ paid!) while previously condemning similar actions committed by people named Bush or Hitler.

My point here is that none of this seems very presidential. I agree with those who say the candidates should step aside. In fact, let’s see if we can run for four years without an Executive. Heck, if that works, we can try scrapping the whole government. Spain is experimenting with this concept right now with encouraging results.


Otherwise, your choices are: filth and near certain, potential corruption or filth and proven, systemic corruption. Good luck with that.