Another survey showed that Americans, by and large, have no money. 70% have virtually no savings and 34% have $0 held back. It is, after all, hard to save what doesn’t exist.

Still, overall (and it’s a stretch), America ranks about where it has economically for the past ten years or so. The nation came in at Number 11 in this year’s Economic Freedom Index by the Heritage Foundation.

The rankings always jump out at me. This year both the top set and the bottom caught my eye.

Look at the “free” economies:



The all have a few things in common if you think about it. So do those countries at the bottom, generally not even worth considering:



With the exception of two of those “lowest” countries, the rest all have something in common. You can probably guess what it is. Sudan almost falls in with the majority; Liechtenstein is in a class all its own.

I may be back with more on this later. Think about it for now. These things are all interconnected and relate to issues far beyond mere money.

Now, if you don’t feel like thinking at all: I understand that multiple sets of overweight, low-IQ, pink-clad felons will be kneeling, fisting, and grabbing each other today on the TeeVee. Some call it entertainment.