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Probably. Why not. ISIS has called on its many and evil operatives across the West to start stabbing non-muslims. Stab them in parks, offices, malls, alleys, trails, sporting events, etc. Stab wherever and whenever the circumstances are right.

The call has already been heeded. “Hicham D.”, probably a newly arrived guest seeking relief from war and a better life in Europe and all, stabbed two police officers in Brussels. He was shot and arrested by another officer. If there is one thing to learn from this and the recent bombings and other attacks, it is that the Netherlands and Europe need more non-Christian, non-European refugees. Wonderful people. Productive. Vibrant.

Brussels also saw a potential bombing, excuse me – another bombing, at a train station. That turned out to be a hoax. Who doesn’t enjoy a good hoax? And all the refugee-related fun activity gives rise to fun, banana republic-looking scenes like this:


Mirror, UK.

Soldiers and attack dogs in the streets lend a carnival-esque atmosphere, no?

In possibly related news, police at the University of Colorado shot and killed a man wielding a machete at the school’s stadium complex. He is (initially) described as a white man “looking for sinners” and uttering religious ramblings.

This could well be a case of that domestic terrorism Hussein Obama is always worried about. Time to ban guns. Then again, the media frequently misapplies labels like “white” or “hispanic” to obscure the true nature of attackers. Maybe this was a “white” muslim recently admitted from Somalia or Pakistan. Such refugees often visit public places, armed and violent, and looking for sinners. Allah hates sinners, you know.

If this was an actual white American on some personal crusade, then that would raise some interesting questions. Is a machete a book? Should whites loot and burn Boulder tonight? Despite this being a white man, bothering other white people, in a white city, shot by a white police officer, should his “brother” go on TV and proclaim all Indians “f*cking devils”? Will Hussein talk about the fears white men feel while wieldin..er..reading books? It’s a strange world. We need strange questions.

With our societies gone utterly mad and our “leaders” gone over to Satan, the people must begin to look out for themselves. Watch your six. If you witness anyone – white, black, muslim, tall, or anything else descriptive term – who is swinging a weapon while shouting anything, just shoot them. Don’t worry, the globalist will go out and recruit some more.