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That didn’t take long. Two days ago I predicted Rahami the dumpster bomber would admit two motives behind his attacks. He already has.


Two things:

  • U.S. meddling in the Middle East begets terrorism;
  • Radical Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization.

The fixes here are really very easy.

A related story of domestic terrorism came last night from Charlotte. Again, the solutions to some of these problems are pretty simple. Consider this picture:


The 18-wheeler that was looted and burned on I-85 was on the front line and not behind stopped vehicles. In fact there were four or five trucks up front. That’s something like 10,000 foot-pounds of torque. That amount of force could have cleared the Interstate in a few seconds.

The physical solutions are so plain and clear the issue really becomes whether Americans are even interested in civilization anymore.