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My back hurts and I’m running 4G on my phone now – not the best way to blog. I’ll keep this short. Please pardon the absence of pictures and links.

Mohammed bin Mohammed el Mohammed is in custody after a gun battle with police. Others are under investigation. Mohammed whatever his name is will tell us, eventually, why he did what he did these past few days.

He hates America, he’s told us that. Or at least that’s what the press says. Well that was obvious without the saying. What lies behind the hatred?

Two things will come out. First, he will explain that Muslims are sick of U.S. meddling in the Middle East. That is understandable. The wars benefit a tiny elite clique of special interests. We’ve been at it far too long. Nothing in it for us whatsoever. Nothing but blow back.

Second, the garbage bomber will tell us Western values are incompatible with Islam. He’s right there.

There is no sane or honest reason to bring incompatible people to America let alone make “citizens” of them. Just as we don’t belong in the third world, they do not belong here. And especially when they are stirred up by idiotic imperialism. Again, it is a small degenerate club that benefits from this imported chaos.

These two reasons amount to critical issues facing the nation. And the attacks are really just getting started. Have we learned anything from any of this? Will we? Are we still capable?

These may not be issues that work themselves out. Rather, if we let them, they may work us out

More on this later.