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New York. New Jersey. Minnesota. This is what decades of foreign meddling coinciding with decades of unchecked third-world immigration looks like – like a war.

Last night the NYPD and the FBI stopped and detained 5 men in an SUV (reportedly armed) on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. They may have been headed to the airport. The FBI questioned them about Chelsea and the pressure cooker. They may have been arrested at this point.

More bombs were found early this morning at a NJ train station. One exploded by robot.


NJ bomb, 4 AM. VIDEO.

A developing story and a lot going on. ISIS is claiming responsibility for the NY/NJ work and that in Minnesota.


You can rest assured they’re serious about the “more” part. There’s already been more since they said it.

There is a rumor the NY bomb was a LGTB terror act. That makes little sense though anything is possible. According to ABC, the NYPD are concerned there “may” be an active [ISIS] cell in NY. I think “may” understates the problem and NY understates the scope.

If there is a false flag angle here, other than the ever-present increase of power, then I think it may be Tannerite control. I heard a blurb this morning that the substance was used in the NY dumpster bomb. Yes, it can be detonated without a rifle. Look for a proposed ban this week. Buy this morning if you need any.

I’ve already advised those in NY/NJ to avoid mass transit this morning. I’ll now add that I would avoid the region if you don’t already live there. I would avoid public trans in any major American city today. I would also avoid large public gatherings. And I would carry a pistol everywhere and be prepared to use it. There may be more pre-planted explosives. Or, since the LEO heat is on now, there may be a lull followed by secondary attacks after a short time.

Other than cleaning up after blasts and banning Tannerite (and talking about banning guns) don’t look for the government to do anything useful. They created this mess. We will probably have to fight our way out of it ourselves.

More updates as needed…