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Uh, I survived my 20-hour Friday. I think. Today will be pretty busy too. As such, there may not be any “substantive” posting here. This one you’re reading is … semi-substantive. Good enough, eh?

You’re probably going to watch college football today. Perrin’s pick of the week is Alabama (1) at Ole Miss (19). In Oxford. Has to be a good game. There are others that should be good games. I’m particularly interested in what may happen in Boone. *BTW, I think the football verdict is in; opinion may be forthcoming. Non-committal prediction department.

If you’re looking for hardcore rambling, may I suggest two strategies. First, the archives. Over to the left in the sidebar is a list of months – from this one back to June, 2012. Click on any one and see what I was gibbering about at any given time. If you have a particular subject in mind, then type that into the search box located in the upper right corner. I’m closing in on 800 or so articles and I cover just about everything under the sun or moon.


Our favorite satellite, Sept. 16, 2016.

In related news I culled through the drafts department. I eliminated a few and set some up for a little work. Great stuff there.

For now I’ll stick with the American election, such as it is.¬†Karen Kwiatkowski wrote a piece about the rising neocon tide of vultures circling the coming Trump Presidency. This is why I’ve been saying (assuming Trump will be the next president) that it will be a disappointment to many. He can’t operate in a vacuum.

If anyone should be strong enough to dismiss the siren calls of the war and money-mongers, it’s Trump. I don’t like the signs honestly. My politico-computer gives him an exact 2% chance of running an independent American administration. (And that’s almost 10 times higher than anyone else’s chances). We’ll see.

And what we may see may not be so pleasant. There is hope though not through politics. I’ll leave you with this nifty Guide to Surviving Civil Unrest. It’s a short from Freedom Prepper written by some crazy man.

Happy Saturday, friends!