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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is preparing to release previously sealed FBI information on Hillary Clinton. He says his organization may start “teasing” the public as early as next week. It’s possible that Assange may have even more data than the FBI turned over to Congress recently.


If the tease comes, one can only hope the American people are receptive. Instructions are going around Congress to keep the information quiet until after the November election. Nancy Pelosi has essentially given marching orders to Paul Ryan. Ryan, armed with the steel of a jellyfish, will certainly comply. The media can’t really be trusted either.

This only leaves people like Assange, Edward Snowden and Brad..Chelsea(?) Manning to deliver critical information to the people. It’s really amazing at the corruption which has been revealed over the past few years and the lack of a reaction from most citizens. This is worse than horses running back into the burning barn. This is like the horses returning while bearing gasoline.

And the fires get worse every day. The Obama administration recently paid $400 Million to Iran as part of an international court settlement. There was a distinct ransom angle too but at least there was a valid reason for the payment. And, theoretically, the money belonged to Iran in the first place. That $400M was supposed to be the first installment towards the $1.7 Billion settlement.

Then we discovered that the U.S. paid Iran not $1.7B but $11.9 Billion. In addition to the settlement funds, this payoff was also authorized under the atomic energy non-treaty reached by the Administration.

Now, it seems that $11.9 Billion was really $33.6 Billion! And the government honestly doesn’t know how much they’ve paid Iran. That’s startling but not unexpected. This is the same government that just acknowledged losing track of $6.5 Trillion!

Where in the world does that money come from? And where does it go? $6.5 Trillion is one and a half’s years worth of federal budget. It’s unbelievable or would be if we were dealing with any group but Washington.

When will the people finally wake up? This country is being destroyed by a band of idiots and criminals. It’s slightly more important than Pokemon, football, and who goes in which restroom. God willing, Assange’s tease will get some traction.

Wake up!