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A Norwegian folktale tells the story of some pesky trolls who, upon a winter’s night, encounter a sleeping bear. One of the peskier of the little varmints poked the bear’s nose with a stick. The trolls were then forcibly and violently dispersed.

Why on earth would anyone want a war with Russia? The Russians have no history of launching offensives any distance beyond their homeland. Nor do they tolerate invasion. Right now their main concerns are maintaining their traditions in the face of rabid globalism and building a prosperous and modern civilization.

Still, more a few of the demented and perfumed fools in and around Washington dream and scheme for conflict with Russia. Much of the press, perhaps reluctantly, goes along. Even Matt Drudge is guilty and he usually does a fine job in presenting story headlines. One he ran yesterday:


The headline in red. The damned Russians are harassing our boys. It’s like Top Gun all over again except this is real.

Clicking on the link revealed a not so critical background. A Russian fighter did intercept a U.S. intelligence plane – over the Black Sea. If it’s true the pilot came within 10 feet of our government’s plane, that might indeed indicate reckless flying. However, again, it happened over the Black Sea.

If this happened over the Gulf of Mexico or Long Island Sound, that would be different. However, the last time I checked the Black Sea was located, not in America’s backyard, but Russia’s. Let me check again:


Google Maps.

Ah. It hasn’t moved.

The Sea is huge and mostly open. If not intruding into Russian airspace our planes have a right to be there. A very costly, non-Constitutional right that our Founder’s warned against exercising. Still, geographically speaking, who has a larger claim of interest in the area? (It’s not us).

It might be different if the headline read: “Russian fighter shoots down American plane!” They didn’t. I assume all they wanted to do, in dramatic fashion, was to say, “Hey, interlopers! We know you’re here … and we have fighter jets.”

By itself this incident, regardless of how it’s read, is not a casus belli. But it is one more beat of the drums in possibly the most insane tune ever played.

If the madmen of D.C. won’t have peace and friendship with Russia (which they should want and which would be easily obtained), then, at the very least, they should leave the bear alone.

If they want problems, they need not look 5,000 miles to find them. A host of ills is close to home and mostly of the madmen’s doings.

Don’t poke the bear; don’t feed the lunatic trolls.