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It’s this coming Sunday. And fifteen years later we still know next to nothing about what happened that fateful day. The lies and miscommunication have passed into myth and legend. Much that was known at the time has now been largely forgotten.

Jeff Clyburn composed a list of known “knowns” about 9/11. Many of these have been lost for sometime on the public. The owners and controllers of America would have us all forget them. A few tidbits:

The money trail was never followed to its logical conclusion. The 9/11 Commission concluded the question of who funded the attacks “was of little practical significance.”

Indian intelligence, corroborated by the FBI, showed a wire transfer of $100,000 from the phone of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Mahmud Ahmad to 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta in 2000. Ahmad (also reported as Ahmed) was in Washington D.C. on the morning of the attacks, meeting with US lawmakers.

The $100,000 transaction was never mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report — and Ahmad was never detained for questioning.

The “28 pages” from a redacted chapter of the 2002 Joint Inquiry report into the attacks, we were told, had “nothing to do with national security.” But national security was the very reason given for withholding them for 14 years by both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama White Houses.

In the days before 9/11, highly abnormal levels of put options — bets that a stock price will fall — were in place on major US stock markets for not only the airlines involved, but also for multiple financial giants that suffered significant losses in the attacks.

The SEC’s investigation into those irregularities gave little details for their benign conclusion that all trades were legitimate and curiously destroyed all their records.

Blaming Iraq was the talking point advanced by the Bush administration within days of the attacks. Later, multiple reports surfaced alleging that the neoconservatives who made up the hawkish Project for a New American Century think tank and the Bush Administration had been planning for (and discussing the need to publicly justify) an invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan) long before 9/11.

Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

These are but a few of the known, if disregarded facts about 9/11. Then there is the matter of questions and controversy. I wonder if any of this will be brought up during the national “celebration” of 9/11 this Sunday/Monday. I suspect not.


The Daily Sheeple.

And I’m serious about the celebration part. 9/11 has rapidly become the premier holiday of statism in America, a holy day for the unholy. Without those events Washington would have had to wait years before commencing lucrative wars and Draconian, Stalinist security theater. This too, is well-known if overlooked.

Fifteen years is a long time but not so long as to preclude an honest investigation. Twenty years or fifty years on and it will be a moot point. Maybe it’s all moot now. Ponder that this weekend.