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The esteemed Thomas DiLorenzo takes a look at a new book by Clyde Wilson on the benefits of ditching Washington national political craziness.

In his new book Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of the Governed, Clyde Wilson pinpoints the folly and futility of “presidential politics” – of hoping against hope that some Great Savior will somehow restore American liberty. Only those who are almost completely ignorant of American history could be fooled by such a farce. Unfortunately, that seems to include most Americans.

Early Americans were never so naïve as to believe that national politicians could preserve their freedom; that was their job. They are the ones who, acting through their state-level political societies, created and gave authority to the Constitution. The government was to act as their agent and was delegated by them only a few specific powers. Moreover, the government itself could never be the judge of its own powers, for that would lead to “nothing less than a government of unlimited power, a tyranny,” writes Wilson. Of course, that is what Americans have now lived under for generations with the “black-robed deities” of the “supreme” court announcing for all of us what freedoms we shall have.

Yes, he left out Interposition, but that is here forgivable.

The time for effective (for Liberty) presidential politics has long since come and gone. As the masses are unlikely to support or even understand these concepts, I recommend personal secession. It’s almost effortless and does not require waiting on a hero, the people, or any statesmen.

In related news, Chuck Baldwin lists his top ten worst presidents of all time. They are:

  1. Imperial Abe;
  2. Wilson the Destroyer;
  3. F. “Dammit” R.;
  4. Lyndon “Bane of Freedom” Johnson;
  5. Jorge “PATRIOT ACT” Boooosh;
  6. “Hopey Changey”;
  7. Slick Willy;
  8. Bush the Vomitor;
  9. Brick Head Grant; and
  10. Tricky Dick Nixon.

You probably have a similar list. These numbers could be shuffled – especially below number 3. And another ten could easily be added – each with his own cool nickname. You’ll surely notice Baldwin’s choices are heavily weighted towards the modern era. This underscores the futility in waiting and hoping for a savior.


Nothing rigged. Nothing to see. Vote along now.

The GQBM is right around the corner. One proposed candidate is talking the talk while the other can barely walk. I don’t like the odds. Thus, I don’t play the game.

Speaking of games, the great football trial starts in earnest today. Odds ain’t looking to good there either.