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This post has nothing to do with Pat Robertson except for success. Robertson’s show is a huge, long-term hit. The blog still pales in comparison but I’m getting there. We, rather, are getting there. This is post number 700! Thank you all.


I’d like to give a special welcome to my new subscribers and visitors. Hello! Thanks for joining the party. From time to time I take a post like this one to note where the show is going.

I also track trends. Right now just about everything is trending upwards. In addition to 700 articles I have maintained at least a post per day for 12 weeks in a row now – 18 weeks with a few brief interruptions. Longtime followers know I had an early habit of taking time off – looong periods. No more. I’m on a roll.

I look at where traffic comes from. For a short time in the not-to-distant past I paid for a little (very little) advertising. It was worth it but is no longer remotely necessary. I get traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn. Many of my new friends from Freedom Prepper are stopping by. And, I am finally noticing increased numbers straight from web searches. Four years of plugging away and a little SEO operation have gone a long way.

Last month saw a massive uptick in hits. August 2016 was, by far, my busiest month ever. Even now – even early this morning – I was able to extrapolate that September will be even busier. Over last year and previous falls it may be an order of magnitude.

Until recently I had in my mind a cutoff number for what I considered a good day. It now seems sadly antiquated, an embarrassment even. Lately, I’ve been hitting it by early morning. I may have to adjust my expectations, substituting what used to be an average week for what makes a “good” day.

I even “helped” a new blog into existence. Check it out sometime.

I still get asked if I plan to “monetize” the blog. Outright, no I do not. I’m still mid-level in the WordPress plan world. Soon I will go full pro which will allow me commercial control. Honestly, I hate gimmicky ads all over a page. And the people who run the ad programs tend to shy away from my brand of … ideology.

If I do allow any advertisement here it will be targeted and directly linked to the source. That will probably mean firearms and cigars. We’ll see. Of course, I will continue to sell books. More of those and many related items are coming hard and fast. Ready those credit cards please.

And please keep coming back. I have some changes in mind. I think they will help the overall flow here.

Thank you so much and please stand by for number 701!


PS: Other numbers. I still have about 50 drafts cooking. Hmmmm.

PPS: More numbers. My thrilling success here has carried over to the physical world. It helped pull me out of an exercise rut. Thanks for that too! I will never bench press 500 pounds. Not without steroids or bionic modification.Not going to happen. I did however hit 365 lbs – today – twice (2 consecutive reps) – unassisted. That’s 207.4% of what I weigh. Not bad for an old crazy man.