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This title is a re-working of the command given one or two demons afflicting men of the Gergesenes. See: Matthew 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-17 (KJV). Previously the demons forced the men into violent isolation, making them a general nuisance and a menace. Jesus commanded their departure and they left.

I have no such innate power. Yet I see abundant evil – either demonic or of collectively self-inflicted free will – in much of modern life and society. I write about it frequently here and, now, in a few other forums.


TV Tropes.

Often I describe various phenomena as Hellish, Satanic, and demonic. These labels I truly mean and not just as attention getters. Manifestation of evil is everywhere: almost every action of every government; promiscuity of all sorts; debased, low “culture” in music, sports, and entertainment; pagan rituals; outright witchcraft; Satanic invocations at government meetings; reliance (dependence) on the enemies of Christ in life, civic, financial and educational; sloth as far as the eye can see (or stand to look). Worst of all is the false theology espoused by so many in the West – the replacement of God with the state and self-serving cotton-candy irreligious nonsense.

My friends in the Alt-Right describe this fake Christianity as “Churchianity”. It is the belief that by attending some rock and roll church and hearing sermons devoid of meaning that souls are somehow able to lead good, egalitarian lives. It is crippling the West, the very heart of Christendom. Once it shows signs of weakness the forces of evil pounce on it all the harder. It is weakened again and again. To the point of worse than worthlessness – it in fact becomes part of the evil itself.

As positive instruction it is noted that this has all happened before, even in the time of Christ and the Apostles. Jason Charles and Rev. Chuck Baldwin each wrote recently of the demise of so many churches in America, succumbing to the new theology of cultural Marxism (that really is nothing new).

Wrote Charles:

The Apostle Paul in Galatians 5:12 wished castration upon the doctrine perverting Judaized preachers of his day.

“I would they were even cut off which trouble you” Galatians 5:12 (KJV)
“As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!” Galatians 5:12 (NIV)

Neuter: A general term used to describe the castration of a male animal.

Can you imagine? An Apostle of Jesus Christ using this phraseology at all? But he did when addressing the usurping teachers that came in among the congregations of churches that he planted, especially in the Church of Galatia. To get the whole back-story read through Acts Chapter 5, and also read the entire book of Galatians. You will quickly realize he is talking about the Judaizers.

The reason why the Apostle Paul was vehemently opposed to these Judaizers was because in an ultimate sense, it was false doctrine that taught the superiority of the Mosaic Law over Christ. That meant it immediately became a salvation issue for Paul. Therefore he brought it to the wisdom and counsel of the other Apostles in Jerusalem, as seen in Galatians 5. At that counsel the Holy Spirit affirmed the total forsaking of the Judaizers among all congregations in no uncertain terms.

Baldwin notes that many (most?) American churches today are willingly held in line by their IRS 501 status. They dare not preach the actual gospel or analogize it to decadent American society for risk of losing money. Thus, they are little better than the emasculated Pharisees of Paul’s day.

These congregations and their cancerous leaders are to be shunned as they serve no purpose but to call into the world more evil. And the evil keeps coming in.

In addition to ample man-made malady, demonic activity and possession is on the rise across the globe. Wesley Baines interviewed Fr. Gary Thomas, a Vatican trained exorcist. Thomas explained that there is an increasing incidence of possession by fallen spirits which afflicts protestants and atheists as well as Catholics.

The Church has instituted elaborate procedures to ensure that a demon is really a demon rather than being merely a medical or physiological ailment. Once properly identified a demon is cast out by the Power of Christ similar to the above-cited original exorcisms.

Thomas notes that demons react violently to the sacred. I find it interesting that the demons described by Matthew and Mark knew immediately and without need of introduction who Jesus was. This is testament to their nature as well as reassurance of their eventual demise; He commanded and they were forced to obey.

Again, I have no such authority nor do you, except for protection and Grace granted by the Son. The time is now to use said faculty along with free discernment to exorcise from our society those perils of evil tradition. This starts be recognizing what has happened. Reflect on this and compare it to your experience this morning at your church; look around a the failed culture and think.

*Of interest also is the frequency of comments to the above-linked articles suggesting reliance on the Republican Party to cure the afflictions. This is beyond self-defeating as it places undue faith in a member of the viral swarm to cure the illness it helped cause. Political solutions there are not.