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In Washington, whatever the policies may be, common sense and intelligence certainly are foreign. Foreign as in alien, absent, and completely unknown. The crowd clustered around The Hill is so stupid that they could only be modern Americans. True, the owners – the banks and corporations and special interests, sometimes behind the scenes – they have smarts. But they are marred by an evil as deep as D.C.’s vapidity.

The only real policy in the District is stealing and wasting money through a never-ending game of domination (of everything and everyone). The foreign part? Let’s just call in “international affairs” to differentiate it from the domestic thievery and oppression. Internationally, let’s start with “policy” towards Iran.

Washington has had it out for Iran since the 1950s. The reason originally given to the American people for this animosity has long since been forgotten. The real reason I already covered, the power and the money thing. Still, today, Iran is bad. Iran is our enemy. We would go to war with Iran except we’ve lately discovered we’re not all that good at the sport anymore (see Iraq, etc.). Iran is bad.

There’s ISIS. ISIS is bad (sometimes). It would seem to the sensible that a terrorist organization that destroys nightclubs, beheads priests, and runs people down with delivery trucks would be bad full-time. The problem is that Washington created ISIS, intentionally as a CIA toy or accidentally in a drunken stupor. They made them, trained, them, armed them, funded them and then kicked them in the head to get the jihadis really angry. They’ve alternated between these things off and on for a good, long time now. Meanwhile, Washington and its inbreed allies in Europe have willfully imported the terrorists into the West. Insane! The cycle of lunacy goes on apace but, officially, the liars of Columbia will say ISIS is our enemy. ISIS is bad.

Then there’s Russia. Russia is descended from another big, criminally talented, power and money nation, the U.S.S.R. I recall as a child hearing we had a of problems with them and had had such for a while. Then, suddenly – “POOF!” – they were gone. All was quiet for a while and then along came the modern, civilized nation of Russia. Political BS aside, if nations were individual people, America and Russia would look like twins. The sensible (where’d he go??) might think our two countries would be cooperating at everything, being the best of friends. No.

Washington has again decreed that Russia is an evil empire. Russia hates us. Russia is our enemy. Some of the very lowest and dumbest dregs around D.C. actually want a war with Russia. We could not win that one. Neither could Russia. Not an all-out war. We’d all be dead. The Americans and Soviets of old knew this. Thus the grudging but relatively peaceful cold war. Putin and company still appear to have some sense. Washington has lost it all. Russia is bad.

So: Iran bad; ISIS bad; Russia bad. Today, wouldn’t you know it, news comes that Russia is bombing the living hell out of ISIS in Syria. They’re flying heavy bombers out of … wait for it … Iran.



One might call this irony but, really, words cannot describe it. The closet we can get is, “Washington is our enemy” or “Washington is bad”.


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