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The fever is officially here even though the actual season is a month and a half away. Autumn is my favorite time of year and I’m ready for it to hurry up and arrive. I particularly like late fall and early winter.

This year it’s a little bittersweet for me as I’m in the process of moving to a place where fall doesn’t come until December and goes again in March when summer returns. Blah. I think I’m subconsciously prolonging the move in a vain attempt to feel cooler temps. That and I’m not fond of moving stuff in the heat.

I’m developing a seven-year plan to eventually and permanently relocate to a locale where fall lasts a while and the air is always cooler.

Looking Glass Falls Autumn

Deborah Scannell. Taken in fall 2011 Looking Glass Falls

You can keep yer gnats and sand spurs. Deborah Scannell/Blueridgeparkwaydaily.

For now I’ll settle for making a little list of why autumn is such a great time. I covered some of this last year in Awesome Autumn Activities. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. Wait, that’s bad… Say it enough and it will come true! There. Much better. Here goes:

  1. Cool temperatures. Around here that’s anything south of 90.
  2. Cold. 90 days of 90 degrees is a drain. Cold air is refreshing.
  3. Better exercising. Summer is great in that one can easily keep excess weight off. It kills energy though. Cool weather means more energy, better recovery, and a return of a little strength, if any.
  4. Snow. Every once in a blue moon we see a deep fall snowflake or two. For the next few falls I’ll be giving them up completely. In seven years, they’ll be more common. Ahhhh…
  5. College football. If you grew up in the South, you can relate. Yes, there’s the SEC and then there’s the rest.
  6. Non-college football. For me that means the Patriots and the occasional thought of a high school game (never acted on).
  7. The mountains. Mountains, for me, have always meant escaping lowland heat and the city people. I love a beach vacation too but, with the mountains, I never want to leave and I think about them until I return. Something about trees and free-falling water.
  8. Doesn’t in seem like things slow down just a little in the fall?
  9. Ales, stouts and porters. Enough said.
  10. Relaxing in the evening by an open fire outside. Maybe with one of those snowflakes falling. Maybe with a pint of bitter.
  11. An end to yard and garden work. Don’t get me wrong; I love my plants. The best thing for any garden or gardener is a period of dormancy.
  12. A New England road trip. 81 up to 84 then on north till the leaves fall. I haven’t done one in a couple of years.
  13. Visiting. I always seem to see friends and relatives more during this season (maybe it’s the holidays). I’m usually more open to conversation when I’m cool and relaxed too. Old friends by a fire with beer. Yes.
  14. The beach. Yes, I said I like a beach trip. Some of my best beach memories have been from late in the year. I have literally had the whole place to myself a few times and I can handle the water too. But I don’t miss it like I do the hills.
  15. I just feel more alive. This ties in closely with number three, A friend said the other day the heat had him in a depressive state. I get that. Everyday here too.
  16. The coming of winter with its promise of Masters’ fever, another summer, and more fall fever…

That seems like enough for now. If you’ll excuse me I need to take an ice bath … I have a fever.