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Two a day now.

In Ansbach, Bavaria, a man who could not get his backpack bomb into a music festival, detonated it instead at a nearby restaurant. At least two people are known dead (not sure if that includes the bomber) with more injured. The state spin here was, initially, that it was a gas leak explosion. The Mayor exploded that lie saying it was “an explosive device”.

Daily Star (UK).

We’ll likely find out tomorrow which country this “refugee” had migrated in from and how long the Polizei have been aware of his radical leanings and associations. Merkle and company (been kinda quiet lately…) may try to blame backpack makers. Kuntzman will blame gun nuts.

The state media puppets are trying to mitigate the earlier Reutlingen attack. They’re speculating it was a crime of passion (maybe, anything’s possible, you know, might not have been terrorism…). They’ve also stopped mentioning the fact the first victim was pregnant. They may have to settle for the impression that “refugee” terrorists are violent spousal abusers but they don’t want to suggest they’re also bad would be fathers.

Also, the SOB in Munich, who could have been preemptively shot if balcony man had had a gun, deliberately lured children to that McDonald’s with social media claims of free burgers and such.

If two attacks a day doesn’t get the German public’s attention, I’m sure ISIS can step it up to 3 or 4.

Are you paying attention?