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Much seems unclear to Merkle, Joachim Herrmann, and the rest of Germany’s governing elite. Herrmann said it was unclear whether the Syrian “refugee” (answered that, eh?) in Ansback intended to murder others or if his was merely a suicide gone extreme.

Let me clear that up for them: if Herr “Refugee” had wanted to commit suicide he could have done so with a shotgun in the woods or with some sleeping pills or something. He could have done it in Syria too (easier there – just wait on the corner for the next allied bombing run – suicide by Empire).  Clear as a bell, I would say. To absolve themselves of uncertainty these inept ponderers should just resign.

An alternative thought: If Western life is so bad that the poor “refugees” are committing suicide and turning to domestic violence, don’t we owe it to them to repatriate them back to where they belong? Might help the natives too.