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If one can spare a few minutes from the important Pokemon crash test, then one may use a quick, six-step test to determine one’s oxygen-use based fitness level. Then one can extrapolate ones “real” age. Note: make sure you properly choose English or metric values. And, try to be honest…

CLICK HERE to take the easy test, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

The end result will be your VO2Max level. Mine is 47. What does that mean?

Check out this chart:



My 47, for my age, falls into the high-end of the “excellent” range; I’m one point away from “superior”. I suppose the cigars are holding me back…

A 47 would also be an excellent score for a twenty-something and “good” for a teenager. What’s my physical age? I really can’t calculate it with specificity but I’ll just say “28”. (There are other, more in-depth tests available if one looks for them).

Out of curiosity I went back and took the test from my (unhealthy) specs, circa 2012. Oddly, despite my heavy weight then and my relative inactivity, my score was almost the same. The test is age sensitive and aerobically oriented. I was younger then and I have always had a low resting heartbeat.


The little weights help too.

At any rate, I’m happy to be aging in reverse. Sometimes I’m told I look younger than I am and sometimes I feel it. How about you?